Solvent Extraction Plant

Solvent Extraction Plant

Our solvent extraction plant is widely used for extraction of oil from quality raw material like Rice Bran, Soybean, Mustard Cake etc. It comprises of preparatory section, Extraction Section, Conditioning Section, Distillation Section and Recuperation Section. The plants based on Solvent Extraction process is more efficient than the traditional hydraulic press, ghani or continuous screw. Continuous solvent extraction does not cause any harm to the oil which is recovered with the same characteristics as were present in the oil bearing material.:


Solvent Extraction PlantWe are the first to manufacture a Desolventiser Toaster in India, almost two decade ahead of others. We discarded the Rotary Absorber and opted packed column absorber for Solvent Recovery System. Discarding the ejectors but still maintaining the necessary vacuum in the miscellance evaporation section was revolutionary concept in the field.



  • Continuous operation
  • Low oil residue in extracted meal
  • Low power and steam consumption
  • Low solvent losses
  • Low sediment in the extracted oil
  • Extractors with automatic feeding function
  • Counter Current Desolventizer Toaster (D.T)

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